Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer 40-150-000-L
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Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer 40-150-000-L

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The first non-contact clinical thermometer
Uses totally harmless and safe infrared technology memory function
Patented global technology
Takes forehead, navel or armpit readings
Fahrenheit or Celsius digital LED display
Over 10,000 readings using 4 AAA batteries (included)
FDA approved
Instantaneous accurate readings
Totally hygienic needing no expensive probe covers
Non-invasive, non-irritating
Accurate to within +/- 0.4°F with normal usage
Easily read ambient room temperature and that of other objects as well

Thermofocus is the most advanced, clinically accurate and totally safe device to measure body temperature on the market today. Convenient and easy to use, Thermofocus uses internationally patented, state-of-the-art Infrared technology. Indeed, it is the first and only FDA registered "non-contact" medical thermometer. The device enables the temperature of adults and children to be taken without touching the skin, simply by moving the thermometer close to the forehead at the distance indicated by the device. With Thermofocus, there is no need to place the thermometer into any part of your or your baby's body. A sleeping baby (or patient) will not be awakened when Thermofocus is used nor will they be caused any discomfort by the device if they are awake. This Non-Contact, Totally Hygienic device helps avoid the spread of contact-transferred illnesses from one family member to another or from one patient to another. Measures in Fahrenheit or Centigrade. Recalls previous 9 readings from memory.

Extra added features: also measures baby bottle temperature, bath water, food, ambient room temperatures or other surface temperatures. Manufacturer's 2 year warranty.

Taking The Temperature At The Forehead

Thermofocus receives infrared emissions from the body, and in particular from the forehead. The forehead is the ideal part of the body from which to take a temperature because it is supplied by the temporal artery, which receives blood through the aorta and the carotid artery, guaranteeing a considerable flow of blood. Moreover, the forehead is the only part of the body close to the brain which is not covered in hair.

The brain is the most important and delicate organ in the body, and the one most liable to damage from excessive temperature. Furthermore, the head is the first part of the body to modify its temperature in the case of a fever, whether rising or falling. During every measurement, Thermofocus carries out (in a few hundredths of a second), a sequence of up to 300 readings. These readings are amplified and computer generated by its sophisticated microprocessor. Together with the value of the ambient temperature the correct body or surface temperature is shown on the digital display.

It is important to be aware that no single "normal" temperature applies to everyone: each person has his/her own temperature, which changes not only during the day, but also according to certain physical activities undertaken by the subject (for example, if a baby has been crying).

Moreover, an individual's temperature may be different in different regions of the body, and may be influenced by the ambient temperature and other external factors, depending on how the temperature is being taken. Until now, all methods of measuring temperature involved a certain inconvenience to the patient, which can be stressful to a mother wanting to know her baby's temperature but concerned about hurting or causing them distress.

Because of the heat loss from parts of the body uncovered by clothing, the normal temperature measured on a person's forehead is usually lower than that of covered parts of the body. Therefore, Thermofocus' internal software automatically adjusts the temperature to provide a reading, which correlates approximately to one's oral temperature. With the Model BV-1500 Thermofocus, you can change the setting from the oral temperature to the rectal. (Please refer to the appropriate chapter in the "Instructions for Use"). The normal temperature taken from the forehead of a healthy person, using Thermofocus, can vary between 95°F (35°C) and 100.4°F (37.5°C), but in an adult it an also be below 95°F (35°C).

It is both useful and important to know the normal temperature of each member of the family when in good health and at various times of the day, in order to be able to detect a potential fever.

Important Information About Thermofocus

1. Thermofocus is exceptionally easy to use to take a body temperature from a short distance. However, to avoid incorrect measurements when taking a temperature, limit yourself to using Thermofocus as you would other types of more conventional thermometers.

2. Use Thermofocus in a room free of drafts and at a constant temperature between 60.8°F (16°C) and 104°F (40°C).

3. Ensure that the subject has not recently been in a drafty place or one in which the temperature is significantly different from that in which you are using the Thermofocus.

4. If the thermometer is taken from a room with a temperature different from that in which it is being used, wait for 20-30 minutes to acclimatize the device before using it. Be sure to also wait for the E.6 signal to disappear from the digital display.

5. Do not use the thermometer on a perspiring forehead, as this may affect the reading. A baby's temperature may, if necessary, be taken from his/her navel.

6. Thermofocus has been primarily designed to take a temperature from the forehead. Therefore if the device is to be used on the navel, or other areas, please read the appropriate chapter of the Instruction Manual first.

7. Oils or cosmetics on the forehead may give a lower temperature reading than the actual one, while hair obstructing the forehead may cause a slightly higher reading.

8. The lens of the thermometer is the most delicate part of the device. It consists of a small concave gold-plated mirror, which must be kept clean and undamaged. The accuracy of the reading may be affected if the lens is damaged or dirty.

9. Avoid handling the thermometer, particularly the tip, more than necessary before taking a reading.

10. When taking a reading, it is important to hold the thermometer perpendicular to the forehead of the subject, taking care to hold aside any hair to clear an area of at least 3/4 inch around the light point.

11. Do not use the thermometer in contact with the ear or any other surface area of the body.

12. Keep the device away from water and heat, including direct sunlight.

13. Do not use the device near large electromagnetic fields.

14. Do not drop or knock the device and do not use if damaged.

15. No harm can be caused should the aiming lights be accidentally pointed in the eyes: the beams are absolutely harmless!

16. Use of Thermofocus should not replace consultation with a doctor.