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New VISIOFOCUS Thermometer 
Temperature at first sight
simply reveals the body temperature
Quick and simple to use
Immediately shows the body temperature without touching your baby 

The projection system indicates the correct reading distance.
Silent, it does not touch the skin and does not disturb your child's sleep.
It measures and projects the temerature of objects, food, liquids
(1 to 55'C - 33.8 to 131'F)
and skin also detects the ambient temperature.
Backlit display in 5 colors, depending on the function.
9 memories. 

Quick Instruction For use
·    Flip Open the protective cap.
·    Press and hold the “FACE” button to activate the lights.
·    Approach the thermometer perpendicularly to the middle
     of the forehead until the temperature
     comes between the two bracket
·    Release the “FACE” button holding the thermometer steady
     until the aiming lights to blink.
·    You can read the value on the display as well.
·    The thermometer goes in to standby mode after 20 seconds,
     displaying the room temperature for 4 hours before turning itself off.
·    Carefully read all instructions before use. 

This Package Contains: 
1 VisioFocus 
4AAA Batteries 
1 Instruction book